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We give organizations the tools and guidance to reimagine and reinvent their industries, institutions, careers and lives.


Our faculty has an impressive breadth of expertise across a wide range of topics. During our programs they will explore the latest in exponential technologies, the global threats and opportunities impacting your business, and tools and frameworks you can leverage to build your future.

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Local Faculty Members

Simeon Tienpont


Read about Simeon

Sid Vollebregt

Future of Water

Read about Sid

Nadine Bongaerts

Digital & Synthetic Biology

Read about Nadine

Kris Verburgh

Faculty Health & Medicine

Read about Kris

Carlo van de Weijer


Read about Carlo

Jaya Baloo

Security & Quantum Computing

Read about Jaya

Yuri van Geest

Exponential Organizations

Read about Yuri

Jane Zavalishina

Fintech & Big Data

Read about Jane

Roeland Dietvorst


Read about Roeland

Arash Aazami


Read about Arash

Jim Stolze

Artificial Intelligence

Read about Jim

Mark Post

Biotech & Food

Read about Mark

Aaike van Vugt


Read about Aaike

Rutger van Zuidam

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Read about Rutger

Melanie Rieback


Read about Melanie

Jos Joore


Read about Jos

Lucien Engelen

Digital Health

Read about Lucien

Daan Kersten

Digital Manufacturing

Read about Daan

Maarten Steinbuch


Read about Maarten

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Global Faculty Members

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