Executive Programs

A week-long program at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, aimed specifically towards entrepreneurs and executives.

About This Program

Our Executive Program (EP) is a week-long workshop or custom program that offers corporate executives and entrepreneurs the tools to predict and evaluate how emerging technologies will disrupt and transform their industries, companies, careers and lives.

What You Will Experience
Singularity University’s unique take on the accelerating technologies of our age will prepare you to mitigate new challenges in our converging world, and capture the innovative spirit we foster here in Silicon Valley.

At Singularity University's Executive Program, you'll discover:

  • How AI and machine learning will complement human jobs.
  • How the next generation of “digital natives” will leverage their skills in a new labor market.
  • How automation will affect our labor markets.
  • How we will design cities when cars are autonomous.
  • Who owns the rights to your DNA.
  • How our policies can keep pace with accelerating change.
  • And much, much, much more…

Program dates

19 - 24 March 2017 Mountain View, United States
7 - 12 May 2017 Mountain View, United States
10 - 15 September 2017 Mountain View, United States
15 - 20 November 2017 Mountain View, United States
12 - 17 November 2017 Mountain View, United States



    In a mixture of lectures, workshops, site-visits, informal evening discussions, pitch sessions, and free time in the innovation lab, you will radically shift your perspective of the future and your ability to leverage new technologies in a highly competitive world.


    We’ll provide you with a set of tools for integrating these concepts and nimble innovation into your organization: lean startup processes, DIY tools, rapid prototyping, the hacker and maker movements, future forecasting, change management, and open source approaches to innovation.


    The Executive Program is geared around six exponentially growing fields, each taught by world experts. Participants come away with an overview of each field including recent major disruptive innovations and their implications, and a roadmap of how each participant’s industry will be transformed.


    Your view of what the future holds will permanently shift after your exposure to exponential technologies. Instead of fearing the future, you’ll start to see how technology can unlock solutions that will change the world and your future.

"The Executive Program was a truly mind-expanding experience which should help prepare me for the extraordinary changes to come.”

Faculty / Speakers

Singularity University’s faculty has an impressive breadth of expertise across a wide range of topics. During our programs they will explore the latest in exponential technologies, the global threats and opportunities impacting your business, and tools and frameworks you can leverage to build your future.

Global Faculty

The Executive Program features an array of extraordinary guest speakers: leading venture capitalists, famous entrepreneurs, CEOs, and world-class experts.

You will also meet the founders of our SU Labs accelerator. These companies are innovating in areas that include cultured leather and meat, distributing products by drone networks, and smartphone medical diagnostic devices.

Joining the Executive Program

You can apply now for the Executive Program and join a group of 80 dynamic participants from around the globe, consisting of CEOs, CTOs, R&D teams, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, regulators and thought-leaders.

Contact us directly or fill in the form on the right. We will contact you at our earliest convenience.

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