16 - 19 May 2017 SingularityU NL Innovation Hub, Eindhoven

Leaders of the Future

Guiding top executives and influencers towards creating a positive impact on the world.


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We are currently at the onset of a new age where exponential thinking and exponential technologies are necessary to grow and stay successful. We will transition from an era of incremental innovations towards a future of radical innovations fueled by exponential growth. This trend of an ever accelerating pace of change activated by the disruptive exponential technologies is already happening in fields such as quantum mechanics, robotics, and even biotechnology. 

During the Leaders of the Future program we will make a start in leveraging exponential technologies to solve humanity's greatest challenges. You'll uncover actionable insights about the trends that are already shaping our future including:

  • The continued emergence of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning that are complementing human jobs.
  • The rise of “digital natives” and how they’ll leverage their skills in a new labor market.
  • The design of cities in an age of autonomous cars.
  • The ethics of synthetic biology and who owns the rights to our DNA.


Shape a bright future!

As humans, we evolved in a world of predictable, linear change. Our intuition tells us to use our past experience to predict how much change we’ll see going forward. But in this age of rapidly accelerating change that has been created by exponential technologies, our linear thinking causes us to make flawed decisions. During the Leaders of the Future program you will learn to see the world differently and to think exponentially, which is vital to discovering new opportunities, building innovative solutions, and more accurately assessing the future.


Are you ready to create a positive impact on the world?
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About this program

Leaders of the Future is an exclusive, 4-day immersive program that is limited to 50 executives and top influencers who want to become the leaders of the future and create the future of their organization in a world driven by exponential growth.

The program will take place on 16 - 19 May 2017 in Eindhoven – the Design and Tech capital of the Netherlands – during the Dutch Technology Week, combining inspirational speakers, engaging workshops and intriguing site visits. In our unique classroom setting we'll introduce you to the latest innovations and developments in exponential technologies and challenge you to think about changing the future by exploring moonshot ideas to solve humanity’s biggest challenges.


During the program you will:

  1. Learn about the current state of the art of exponential technologies.

    Your view of what the future holds will permanently shift after your exposure to exponential technologies. Instead of fearing the future, you’ll start to see how technology can unlock solutions that will change the world and your future.

  2. Understand the power of moonshot thinking and the potential to impact 1 billion people.

    The Global Grand Challenges (GGCs) are worldwide problems too big to ignore. To solve these challenges requires the same kind of extraordinary “moonshot” thinking that took humanity to the moon – the belief that we can achieve things that can scarcely be imagined through the application of new technology.

  3. Discover new tools and skills to translate your new knowledge into action.

    Tools for integrating these concepts and nimble innovation into your organization are at the core of the program: lean startup processes, DIY tools, rapid prototyping, the maker movement, future forecasting, change management, and open source approaches to innovation.

  4. Become inspired by examples of how people are using exponential technology to solve global grand challenges.

    Domain experts and renowned speakers will share case-studies about businesses that already set an example for solving the Global Grand Challenges.

  5. Develop a step-by-step action plan to scale your impact.

    In a mixture of lectures, workshops, site-visits, informal evening discussions, pitch sessions, and free time in the innovation lab, you will radically shift your perspective of the future and your ability to leverage new technologies in a highly competitive world.

Faculty / Speakers

Our faculty has an impressive breadth of expertise across a wide range of topics. During our programs they will explore the latest in exponential technologies, the global threats and opportunities impacting your business, and tools and frameworks you can leverage to build your future.

Leaders of the Future will combine the best of our Local Faculty members with international speakers.





Faculty Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

SingularityU Denmark




Faculty Networks & Computing Systems

SingularityU Denmark




Faculty Energy

SingularityU The Netherlands




PhD candidate Synthetic Biology

Science Matters / Hello Tomorrow




Faculty Quantum Computing & Security

SingularityU The Netherlands



van Geest


Exponential Organizations




Faculty Robotics

SingularityU The Netherlands



van de Weijer

Faculty Mobility

SingularityU The Netherlands




Faculty Neuroscience

SingularityU The Netherlands



van Hoof

Digital Innovation & Design Thinking

SingularityU The Netherlands





SingularityU The Netherlands





SingularityU The Netherlands

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Who you will meet

You will be part of a cohort of 50 dynamic leaders and changemakers who will deepen your understanding and broaden your perspective of our changing world. Each cohort attracts CEOs, CTOs, R&D leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, regulators, and thought leaders. 

Together with our partners we will provide you an immersive experience both during the day program and in the evening at the Dutch Technology Week. 



SingularityU NL Innovation Hub

Torenallee 22-06
5617 BD, Eindhoven


Everything you need to know about the Leaders of the Future program.

  • What’s included in the ticket price?

    Tickets for the 4 day program include accommodation, catering, excursions and workshop material. Please note that travel arrangements and other activities outside the program, are excluded from the ticket price.

  • Can I order multiple tickets?

    It is possible to order up to 2 tickets. For this you will need to provide the full names and email addresses for each of the tickets ordered.

  • What are the payment options available?

    Payment is done with our payment provider Mollie. We accept iDeal, Maestro, Mastercard, VISA and Paypal. It is also possible to pay by invoice (contact us at programs@singularityunl.org). Please note that payment is required in advance of the Leaders of the Future program. You will receive a invoice receipt after completing the order. 

  • How will I receive my ticket?

    You will receive a confirmation with your ticket via email after completing the order. Please take this ticket with you on the first day of the Leaders of the Future program. Tickets are personal, but in case you would like to transfer this ticket to another person, please contact us at programs@singularityunl.org

  • Am I eligible for a VAT refund?

    Due to the event being held in the Netherlands, payment of VAT (tax) is required for all attendees. Individuals or companies outside of the Netherlands can claim a VAT refund at the Dutch Tax Department after the event. More information about this process can be found here.

  • What are the cancellation options?

    Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person by contacting us at programs@singularityunl.org.


For more information or questions please contact us: programs@singularityunl.org