Contest: What Global Challenge to focus on?

10 August 2016

Help us decide on what Global Grand Challenge to solve and win a ticket for the SingularityU The Netherlands Summit.

Many environmental, humanitarian and socio-economic challenges have forced their way onto the world stage in 2016. SingularityU NL was founded to confront these with exponential technologies, contributing to a better world. This summer, we would like to hear what you think is the most urgent Global Grand Challenge for the SingularityU NL Community to solve.

The winner will receive a free ticket (value €2,000.-) to the SingularityU The Netherlands Summit 2016 on September 12-13!  There you will join over 900 European C-level executives, innovators, entrepreneurs and policy makers  to meet, learn and discuss the wave of exponential innovations that’s coming towards us. The world’s leading experts will give key insights into the future of Energy, Mobility, Finance, Security, Health, Work and Humanity. After entering your name, organization and e-mail address you only have to answer one question to apply. The winner with the best answer will be selected on August 28.

The question we would like you to answer is:

What Global Grand Challenge should the SingularityU NL Community focus on and why?

Click here to participate in the contest. We wish you good luck!