Get into the Future

18 October 2016

Hungry for the next SingularityU NL event? Come over to Amsterdam on November 30 for GET INTO THE FUTURE. TMG organises the ultimate event for entrepreneurs and professionals who are curious about the impact of technological innovation. Make sure to be there if you want to know what chances and challenges tomorrow will bring. 7 SingularityU domain experts will give you a glimpse of the future and let you experience the power of technology.


GET INTO THE FUTURE will open your eyes. The world is changing at an increasing pace. Discover how systems, organizations and people change because of exponential technologies. Encounter innovative products and services. Experience the future and meet it with open eyes.

  • Learn how mobility, security, health and entrepreneurship are changing
  • Hear from experts how rising technologies influence business, the economy and daily life
  • Encounter a torrent of ground-breaking products and services
  • Get in touch with innovators, entrepreneurs, companies, investors, NGO’s and policy makers
  • Meet like minded tech enthusiasts that can’t wait to apply the latest tech and want to excel in an era where change is the only constant.

Order your tickets at GETINTOTHEFUTURE.NL