Roeland Dietvorst


Neuroscience Neurotechnology

Dr. Roeland Dietvorst has a background in biological and cognitive psychology and obtained a PhD in neuroscience. He is co-founder and responsible for research & development at Alpha.One, a neuroscience research and strategy firm. Roeland uses insights and techniques adopted from neuroscience to better understand how we reconstruct reality inside our minds and how this process influences our day-to-day decision making.

In addition, he and the team at Alpha.One are applying Artificial Intelligence and deep learning in particular, to read the mind from neuroimaging data and build models that simulate human responses such as visual attention. At the interface of neuroscience and AI arise many philosophical questions; will we be able to record your dreams with brain scanners or upload your consciousness in a machine?

During Roeland’s talk you will learn how neuroscience and technology provide a new perspective on who we are and where we are heading.

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