Aaron Frank

Singularity University

Aaron Frank is a writer and speaker and one of the earliest hires at Singularity University. Aaron is focused on the intersection of emerging technologies and accelerating change and is fascinated by the impact that both will have on business, society, and culture.

As a writer, his articles have appeared online in Vice’s Motherboard, Wired UK and Forbes.

As a speaker, Aaron has lectured for audiences and organizations including the CIA, The Department of Defense, The Coca-Cola Company, AAAS, Under Armour, Headquarters Air Force and more.

Prior to joining SU, Aaron worked at WHITECOAT Strategies, a life science consulting firm. There, Aaron managed patient advocacy campaigns, programs to expand awareness for HIV/AIDS cure research, and assisted the announcement for the first ever ethics guidelines for the bioengineering of trees.

Originally from Lower Merion, PA, Aaron has a humanities background with a degree in Communications and a minor in Philosophy from the University of Maryland.

Intro to Exponential Thinking: Progress at the Edge of Possible

Speaking Topics

  • Exponential Organizations

    In the past few years, the business environment has seen a radical shift in the way organizations navigate the digital age. A new breed of company – the Exponential Organization (ExO) – are using information technologies to rapidly scale and accelerate growth. ExOs have dispensed with the linear and incremental approach to business strategy and rely on tools like crowdsourcing and community, big data and algorithms, and decentralized organizational structures to achieve performance benchmarks ten times better than their peers. In this session, Aaron will leverage his background in technology and business strategy journalism to introduce a unique set of examples and case studies. He will also share the specific steps any company can take to immediately to prepare for this new digital age.

  • The Experience Machine: The Worlds of Augmented and Virtual Reality

    Virtual and augmented reality technologies have witnessed an extraordinary pace of development in recent months and years. Beyond obvious gaming applications, everything from education, healthcare, training and development, and more will be upended by these new media tools. For the first time, humanity has widespread tools to layer entire digital universes over our base reality (AR) as well as create fully immersive worlds ready to be explored (VR).

    Everything about how we share our lives, communicate, and interact with the world around us is being completely redesigned. There continue to be an increasing number of opportunities and ethical questions and threats. How will society change in the coming decades, as we create these new digitally mediated realities?

Areas of Expertise

Augmented Reality  •  Exponential Organizations  •  Exponentials  •  Virtual Reality  •  Disruption