Deborah Nas

TU Delft

Deborah is a part-time professor of Strategic Design for Technology-based Innovation at the Delft University of Technology, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. She acts at the crossroads of Technology, Business and Psychology, sharing her deep understanding of how and why new technologies fail or succeed.

Deborah has a deep interest in the reasons why people are suspicious of new technologies. And why it is that, throughout history, the same arguments have been used over and over again to express fears and concerns regarding new technologies. She is currently developing a set of design strategies, enabling companies to apply new technologies in a way that delivers maximum value to users, resulting in higher adoption rates.

After kick-starting her career at Philips and KPN, Deborah co-founded and managed an innovation agency for 16 years. She has been working with global and local brands for over two decades, helping them to apply new technologies in a meaningful way. 

At the Delft University of Technology, Deborah lectures different courses in strategic design and technology-based innovation. In addition, she is a member of the TU Delft vision team “The quantum society”, developing scenarios on how quantum technologies will impact industry and society.